Mac/Linux Release

Announcing the release of the demo on both Mac and Linux! Sorry for the delayed release but we certainly didn't forget about you guys! Going forward, all platforms will continue to receive general updates so nobody will be left behind. We are a small team with limited resources, so if anybody has any issues with any of the platforms then we ask that you report these issues and please be patient while we look into them. 

Thanks for all of the support from everybody, the response has been amazing and we love hearing what everybody has to say! We have been working hard on this for so long that it honestly seems almost surreal to finally have it out there. However, there still is the rest of the game to be made so please help us spread the word about our upcoming Kickstarter on October 15th to fund full development!


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Thanks for the Linux support. I enjoyed the demo. Count me in for a pledge when the Kickstarter is up.


Of course! In general, we want to make the game accessible to anyone who likes this sort of game so we have worked hard to not just get it on multiple platforms but also have full controller support and plenty of video settings for lower end machines. If we get the resources to do so, we also want to do console releases. Thanks for the support!