Update - v1.0.5

Update v1.0.5 Change Log

- Adjusted text throughout the demo
- Fixed issue where the "Demo Info" would display each time you entered the main menu when you first run the game
- Fixed an issue where you would return to the mansion but not have your handgun in your inventory
- Fixed an issue where you could get a notification for a clue/entry you have already unlocked
- Fixed a bug where you could trigger the end of Anne Marie's quest-line by showing her all but one of her drawings
- Fixed issue where the player wouldn't be shown holding his gun during a particular cutscene if the player was already holding it when it started
- Fixed issue where dropping an equipped item would cause it to not properly get dropped if it was equipped
- Fixed an issue where tutorial icons would show up early
- Reloading the handgun through the menu now properly plays the reload audio clip
- Reduced the size of the radio in the player's inventory so that it only takes up a single slot
- Removed the flashlight and moved the radio to where it was (flashlight had no purpose in the demo)
- Various other fixes/changes made


IMMURE_DEMO (Linux).gz 402 MB
Sep 21, 2018
IMMURE_DEMO (Mac).zip 412 MB
Sep 21, 2018
Sep 21, 2018


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