Part One Available now on Steam!

IMMURE has officially launched Part One on Steam! 

As mentioned in the previous post, we do have plans to also launch on Game Jolt and as well but there is still more work to do before that can happen. Once we have a release date planned, we will be sure to share it with all of you!

If you have any questions then feel free to join our discord where you can speak directly to us!

Files 221 MB
May 08, 2019
IMMURE_DEMO (Mac).zip 233 MB
May 08, 2019
IMMURE_DEMO (Linux).gz 239 MB
May 08, 2019


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Hi! Does the Steam-version require the Steamclient to run the game or can I play it without the client after downloading? If so I consider buying your very fascinating game on Steam right now instead of waiting for the itch-release (as it would be basically DRM-free). Anyway, good luck and congratulations to the release!

The Steam version does indeed require the Steam client in order to run the game so as of right now there is no DRM-free version of the game available. So unfortunately if you want it DRM-free you will need to wait for the Jolt release. We have started working on it so it isn't all that far away but we don't have an exact date to provide yet. Once we have one, we will be sure to post about it!

Ok I understand, thanks for your reply! Then I'll simply wait for the DRM-free version. Have a great day! :)