Update - v1.0.3

Update v1.0.3 Change Log


  • Demo info now displays to the user the first time they launch the game
  • Changed the default walk button on a keyboard to left control instead of caps lock (you may need to reset your keyboard bindings in order to see this change reflected)
  • Decreased the likelihood for cheap kills to occur against the player
  • Improved visual/audio feedback when using the handgun
  • Added new dialogue in the Apartment when destroying the wraith


  • Fixed some animation issues during attack breaks
  • Fixed an issue where entities could be interacted with after they had died
  • Fixed the timing of the audio during the slideshow when you complete the Apartment
  • Fixed the loading scene when entering the last part of the demo where the door loading scene would be shown briefly

Various other fixes/tweaks were done as well.


Sep 16, 2018


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